4 Reasons Why Spring is Good for the Body and Mind

Now that the Spring Equinox has passed, this means that spring 2024 has officially commenced. In honour of this colourful time of year, here are four reasons why spring is good for the body and for the mind.

21/03/24 Author: Yasmin

1 min read

1. Dazzling Daylight

After the Spring Equinox, days get longer, and nights get shorter. This is especially great if you’ve been itching to spend some time outside after work or are looking for that boost in mood. Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of serotonin and as a result, improves mood and feelings of calmness [1].

2. Vitalised with Vitamin D

With more daylight hours comes more sunlight, and with more sunlight, comes increased exposure to vitamin D. According to the NHS, between late March/early April to the end of September, most people can get the amount of vitamin D they need through sunlight on their skin. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in keeping bones, teeth, and muscles healthy [2].

3. Baby Animal Boom

Spring is also the season where a lot of baby animals are born. According to National Geographic, simply looking at images of cute baby animals releases dopamine and oxytocin, allowing us to feel happy [3]. If you spot baby animals while out on a walk, you'll likely feel a wave of euphoria.

4. Starting Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is directly linked to the season of renewal. Cleaning during this period is a means of revitalising the space around you after a period of hibernation. Spring cleaning has been seen to offer many benefits including offering a sense of control, feelings of organisation, and management of stress and anxiety [4]. If you decide to partake in this ritual, you are sure to feel aligned with the season and better within yourself.