4 Ways Art Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Mental Health

In celebration of World Art Day, we are discussing 4 ways art can have a positive impact on your mental health.

15/04/24 Author: Yasmin

2 min read

1. Creating Art Enhances Mood

Creating art is not only a wonderful way of expressing your feelings, it also activates reward pathways in our brains. [1]

As a result, this reduces anxiety and stress, thereby improving mood.

2. Visiting Art Galleries: Viewing the World Differently

Visiting art galleries offers positive mental wellness through the feelings it elicits. It is a contemplative experience that lets people slow down, catch their breath, and be fully present. [2]

Additionally, the setting of a museum or gallery provides opportunities for social interaction, decreasing loneliness.

3. Studying Art: Understanding Self

Studying art triggers endorphins similar to those received upon viewing art. Moreover, it provides insights into the role of art in advancing mental health research. [3]

In turn, we may gain a better understanding of how our own minds work and how art can positively contribute to this.

4. Getting Tattoos: Fostering Close Ties to Your Body

Not only do tattoos offer visual representations of things that you love, but they have also been found to foster a closer connection to your body.

According to an article by The Guardian, a study by Professor Viren Swami revealed that individuals who got tattoos experienced a boost in self-esteem, particularly those who had previously faced body image issues.

This positive self-esteem was observed to persist weeks later, suggesting “Once you get your tattoo, you feel much closer to your body.” [4]