Moving More for Our Mental Health

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme for this year is Movement: Moving more for our Mental Health. Our bodies and minds are connected, and with movement comes the release of feel-good hormones that reduce stress and anger.

17/05/24 Author: Yasmin

2 min read

1. Walking

Walking is a straightforward and effective way of reducing stress and negative emotions. No matter where you do it, walking has been linked to improved sleep, stress relief, improved mood, and increased energy and stamina.

2. Walking with Friends:

If you struggle with walking alone, the simple act of being out and about with friends can improve your mood. Walking with friends has also been found to increase motivation and accountability.

How to Integrate
Walking into Your Life:

Walking can become a part of daily life even if you feel you don't have time for it. Here are a few ideas:

There are many small ways you can add walking or other exercise into your day; it can be as simple as just rethinking your approach to everyday activities to see if you can find more moments for movement.

Today we’re focussing on something most of us do every day, but if we did it more there could be huge personal benefits.

Looking for a boost in mood?

Here are just three ways that the action of walking can help us feel better:

3. Being Out in Nature:

Doing activities out in nature, specifically, can provide additional mental health benefits. The natural world has been found to create feelings of connection to the community and reduce loneliness.

If you suffer from mental health disorders, nature may benefit you as there is evidence that it can help alleviate anxiety and depression.

Additionally, natural light can aid symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), give you vitamin D, and make you feel more awake.

  • Park further away from the office to include a walk into your morning routine.

  • Opt for the stairs rather than the lift when you get to work.

  • Have a walk with a friend before your coffee catch-up.